Is Husband Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction? This Is The Way You Should Be Acting

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Erectile dysfunction certainly makes the performance of men in bed plummet. No doubt, the relationship between husband and wife became not harmonious because of the obstruction of the lovemaking process. Even so, it does not mean the wife must show her disappointment to the husband.

This is because, many men feel very worried about their sexual performance, therefore, before you talk about erectile problems experienced by your husband, first increase his ego, said sex therapist in New York, Amber Madison, MA.

"Say that you can enjoy moments of togetherness not only through sex. If the erectile problem experienced is erectile dysfunction, you don't need to immediately say it. However men are responsive to this condition," Madison said.

Madison said, when experiencing erectile problems, what is needed by husbands is your understanding and support. Although, according to sex expert Ian Kerner PhD, erectile dysfunction is often associated with men's mental conditions.

"Many men are not confident about their performance in bed. As a result, they actually experience erectile dysfunction even though erectile dysfunction can also be caused by other diseases or malfunction in the body," Kerner said.

Meanwhile, for young men, said sexologist Dr. Andri Wanananda MS they can experience erectile abilities not optimal so that it is difficult to maintain an erection. This condition can be caused due to prostatitis which is infection or inflammation in the prostate gland.

"Although this condition is rare in relatively young men. Another possibility is temporary erectile dysfunction due to decreased physical and psychological fitness for example due to stress," said Dr. Andri.

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