Duh, Metal Exposure Most Often Makes Sperm 'Dead Squeeze'

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It is said that men can still be 'mighty' even though they are already at the head of 5 or 6. But on the other hand, male sperm is also said to be very susceptible to change when faced with certain factors, one of which is the environment.

Recently a joint research team from England and France also found men to be barren or difficult to have offspring when frequently exposed to aluminum metal.

Researchers from the University of Lyon and the University of Saint-Etienne, France and the University of Keele, England found this after observing sperm conditions from 62 men. It turns out that most of their semen and sperm contain aluminum, although the amount is different.

But the more aluminum that is contained in the participants' semen, the researchers found that the number of sperm the participants had was even smaller. Vice versa. Even though the number of sperm a man has has a big influence on his ability to have offspring.

"Maybe this is why the fertility rate of men, especially in developed countries, tends to decline. Moreover, exposure to metals such as aluminum in developed countries has increased significantly," said lead researcher Prof. Christopher Exley.

Prof. Exlet believes aluminum exposure is what is polluting the semen of men, including disrupting the performance of the endocrine glands that regulate the function of most body functions, including reproductive functions.

In addition to aluminum, the heavy metals accused of decreasing the quality and quantity of sperm include tin and lead. Likewise with chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) which are mostly contained in plastic and canned food, as well as industrial chemicals such as benzene, herbicides and pesticides.

Let alone heavy metals and exposure to chemicals, even hot male genitals can make them barren. For this reason Dr. Andri Wanananda, MS said that men are good at sleeping with loose underwear or without underwear.

"Loose underwear aims to create a comfortable temperature for the testicles. If the temperature in the testicles is too hot, the sperm production process will be disrupted, as well as the quality of the sperm," explained Dr. Andri.

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